Kay: A junior in high school, Kay is not popular, pretty or rich. She has a few close friends but other than that, is invisible and oblivious to the higher cliques of the school. Loves to watch sappy drama romance shows and always wishes she could be like the girls in them. Unfortunately for her, the only thing she's like is a nerdy work-at-the-store-all-day loser. Which, according to her, she is.

Tyler: Also a junior in high school, Tyler is the son of one of the richest CEO's in the country. Since his father donates a huge amount of money to the school, Tyler uses this power to command the masses of students and faculty alike. He may seem like just a spoiled popular rich kid, but is there more to him that meets the eye...?

Kevin: Kevin is the nice, sensitive, cute guy Kay has always dreamed of. He's a junior in high school who's in Kay's English class but doesn't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box. Will Kay be able to get Kevin, on of the most popular guys in school, to like her?

More coming soon ;D

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