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March 2nd, 2010, 7:08 pm

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Author's Comments:


Howdy doody! Sorry for no updates, insert lame excuse here...


I was HOOKED (as per usual) and now that they're over I'm feeling an empty void in my life that can only be filled with gallons of ice cream. It's a good life.

I'm currently waiting on FRICKIN FRICK COLLEGE DECISIONS to come out :[ So far, I've only been accepted to TWO out of the EIGHT places i've applied to, so I'm waiting on the other.....SIX. Blah humbug.

@sonofdracula: For some reason my family owns comes in handy when cutting watermelon though lol
@phoenixgem: lol future planning, I like it! Haha thanks, he is an angry little coffee addict...
@xx3OH3xx: His car is filled with pillows and marshmallows and unicorns. Jus' sayin.
@NekoKira: Dang, I guess that was predictable haha...
@2955: He's packing the giant waterguns that can knock down 6 fatty 12 year olds at once.
@eternalbeliever: Haha or angry/psycho enough lol
@Sara Obscura: Thanks! I love getting new fans! OMG MY NAME IS SARAH TOO! except it's with an -h so luckily we can avoid any confusion. Higha fiva!
@xxGeeknProudxx: Haha dang, another correcto guess :[
@chibigirl: Haha sounds like a bruce willis movie lol
@altair: Thanks! I finally hauled my lazy ass to update haha...

Thanks for reading!


User's Comments:


Congrats! I'm glad you have at least two acceptances. I'm sure you'll recieve more. :D

Awesome as usual, keep it up!


Awe~!! How nice (I still cant believe he gave that douche $5000!!)


I wish I was that guy!(NOT)
lol I would have that same expression as her if someone gave 5,000 dollars to someone get their car fixed for one little scratch


lol, it always cheers me up when i read this.
so cute.


just giving away money like that, he's like a saint! (lol. yeah, right.)

but seriously, that was nice of him. tyler actually cares. *tear* how touching. XD

Sara Obscura,

Yay for having the same name! xD

Good luck with your college applications, I feel your pain. D':

Btw, I'm totally in love with Tyler Brannon!


@korrected and sara obscura:
psst. my names Sarah too.
... and I also love tyler.

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