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March 12th, 2010, 6:14 pm

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Who could that be?? Dun dun DUNNNN!!
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Author's Comments:


Introducing a new character! Creeping in her car....I've waited a while to start this new arc AND FINALLY THE TIME HAS COME.

Oh Tyler, such an angry irritated little boy...

@Leeland: Thanks! I hope so :[
@2955: I know, throwing money away willy-nilly...
@xx3OH3xx: Haha I would want to be him...5,000 for nothing? Can I get a hell yeah?
@mycattuna: Aww thanks! :D
@chibigirl: Lol does he really? Does he REALLY? Also, that is crazy that we all have the same name, even though every other person is named Sarah...
@Sara Obscura: Hooray! I'm glad some people like him :]


User's Comments:


Legasp! its a rival ladeh! she must be really cute lol XD or she has an scary man face with deep and unessasary(blarg!!! what ever that word is spelled) make-up


*Gaspeth* Who is it? She must be a fellow rich person, looking at her nice wavy hair.

I love plot twist and updates. This is, like, two in one!


woo-woo, jealousy to come!!! <3



is that sudden angry face just a cover up for in denial? (X

Sara Obscura,

Lol, her face in the top left panel is amazing. xD


hehe. i love kay in the third panel.
tyler just has so much money to throw away. its great.

as i am curious about the creeper in the car, all i can say right now is that shes got awesome hair. lol.


I can't wait to see what happens!!
Are you okay?

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