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Kay is not rich. She's not pretty, she's not popular, and she has an imagination too rampant to even be considered healthy. And even though she yearns for the fabulous lifestyle shown in all the TV shows she watches, she is absolutely convinced that no guy would ever like her, especially not the incredibly wonderful guy Kevin in her English class. So for now, all she wants to do is survive high school and get out of there. Fast. Enter Tyler. Son of one of the richest CEO's in the nation, he uses his influence over the student body as well as the school staff to get whatever he wants. Having a you-better-listen-to-me-or-else attitude, Tyler is used to having everyone bowing at his feet. So when he and Kay cross paths, a whole new story erupts as they struggle to deal with not only each other, but their own lives as well. But be warned - this is... NOT ANOTHER LOVE STORY Does not contain any boy-love, sex scenes, or anything of that sort. Just good old fashioned fish guts, friendly drunks, and spoiled whiny brats. Reads Left-to-right Art/editing gets progressively better from the earlier pages...Well at least that's what I like to think.

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Page 140
Page 140


Hi everyone! Thanks so much for reading Not Another Love Story! I've been trying to squeeze in as many updates these past few days as I'll be leaving for vacation tomorrow and won't be able to update. I'll be back by mid-July so expect many more updates then! Trust me, it'll be worth the wait! =]

Thanks for your patience!


Early Comics

Sorry about these early pages being really gross! I drew this way back when and had to go through and re-edit a lot of them. The editing still isn't that great though...

My newest comic pages are a lot cleaner and neater looking. You can find them here: www.korrected.deviantart.com

Thanks for looking!

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